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About Bradley Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a wonderful year to grow and learn at Bradley Elementary! Our classes are structured for academic and social success and have high expectations for student achievement. Teaching methods vary to accommodate different styles of learning. Core curriculum areas are described below.
The heart of our language arts program is the Common Core. Students develop phonemic awareness by listening for individual letter sounds and word parts that rhyme. Poetry is one of the key components used to teach phonemic awareness, and our students learn to apply phonetic skills to blend sounds and decode words. Through read-aloud literature and daily collaborative writing, kindergarteners learn oral language, how speech to print occurs, and comprehension strategies. Students also build a sight vocabulary of high-frequency "power words." The American Reading Company (ARC) is the district-adopted curriculum resource.
We use the Zaner Bloser method for teaching letter formation. The children learn to use guidelines to write upper and lower case letters. They learn about correct spacing within a word and between words. Important elements of instruction are top to bottom strokes, counterclockwise circles, and left to right slide strokes. The correct grip of pencils, crayons, markers, and paintbrushes, as well as the appropriate pressure applied when writing, drawing, coloring and painting are developed and encouraged.
The consumable (worksheet) pages your child will work through, problem solve and record data on are aligned with the Common Core. Manipulatives (counters, measurement tools, shape tiles, pattern blocks, unifix cubes, pegboards, three-dimensional blocks, sandpaper numbers, number lines, iPad apps, etc.) are used to provide hands-on experiences, exploratory opportunities, and reinforcement. The math curriculum develops problem-solving and computation skills as it introduces number recognition, patterning, counting, the identification of plane and solid shapes, measurement, sorting, addition and subtraction concepts. The district-adopted curriculum is GoMath.
Special Classes
Kindergarten students go to Art, Music, P.E., Library and the Science TEAMS lab once a week. We will visit the Educational Dome Theater several times throughout the year.
Learning Centers
Learning to make choices is an important skill. Kindergartners have a scheduled block of time each day when they are free to make choices about their learning activity. This is also a time for students to develop social and emotional skills through play. Learning centers provide an opportunity to meet the needs of various learning styles, by allowing time for small group and one-to-one instruction as some students work independently, with partners, or with the teacher.
Leadership, Listening Skills, and Work Habits
Kindergarten provides the foundation for good work habits that students will use throughout their education. Students learn helpful habits supported by The Leader in Me which "teaches 21st-century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader." We encourage the development of listening skills, asking questions, helping others and staying on task. Children learn to develop academic and social responsibility as they share their space, materials, experiences, feelings, inquiries and time with one another and teachers.

We are going to have a wonderful year!