Kelley Ebel

Welcome ALL family members of Mrs. Ebel's Eagles,
                                   We are learning to try our wings daily! 
     As a military spouse for 28 years and a mother of four children, I believe I have a unique perspective to offer in the classroom. I am proud to serve alongside military families and help mold future leaders. Third grade is a pivotal year. Students are encouraged to become independent learners by:
  •  thinking critically and creatively 
  • organizing and being responsible for materials/assignments/time/learning 
  • developing skills and building a strong foundation for future learning
     However, as we know, children do not develop independently. It is hard work, especially for the dynamic military family. We must work together daily as a team to provide the support, encouragement, guidance, and discipline for your child to reach his/her potential. We set the conditions so that one day we may confidently say:
 "Fly, Eagle, Fly!"