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Your student will visit the TEAMS lab one time a week. This year your students will be focusing on a few main topics in the lab: scientific inquiry, life science, earth and space science, physical science, and energy. While students work through the lessons, they will think like a Technologist, Engineer, Artist, Mathematician, and Scientist.

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Welcome back!

The 2018-2019 school year is underway! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to another great year here at Bradley. All grade levels are going to start the year in the TEAMS lab with some lessons on scientific inquiry and the scientific method. These lessons are aimed at at increasing student engagement and excitement as well as helping students become more familiar with standard science practices.

March Update

Well, March has come and gone. Before we know it, school will be out!
Kindergarten spent the month discussing weather and we will now move on to recycling and caring for the environment.
1st grade used their knowledge of light and heat to create devices that will harness the sun's energy to heat water.
2nd graders studied weathering and erosion and are now moving on to learn about water conversation and environmentalism.
3rd grade students have begun studying weather and climates and will soon move into the study of habitats.
4th grade has spent some time learning about fossils, topography, and will continue learning about bridges into the first weeks of April.
5th grade learned all about the Earth's four spheres -- atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere. We will not begin learning about the body systems to prepare for our frog dissection!
6th grade finished up their science experiments this month. We are now ready to move on to our annual Trashy Fashion Show!

February Update

Kindergarteners are studying physics: forces (push & pull) and how those forces interact with the world around us.
1st graders are finishing up their exploration of light before we move into the study of solar energy.
2nd grade classes are beginning to explore weathering and erosion.
3rd grade is utilizing their knowledge of simple machines to construct a large Rube Goldberg device!
4th graders are starting their study of weathering and erosion, as well. They will then transition into topography, mapping, and relative dating of the layers of Earth's crust.
5th grade has begun work on an iMovie which will display their knowledge of the 4 spheres of Earth (bio-, hydro-, atmo-, and litho-).
6th grade students just began working on creating and conducting their own science experiments, which adhere to the scientific method.

Creating a Brainpop Account

Your teacher will provide you with a class code. Each class will have a unique code, so do not enter the exact code from the video.

Importing a picture into Tinkercad

This video will show you have to convert an online image (.jpg or other) to an .svg file. You can then take that .svg file and import it into Tinkercad as a 3d object.