Bradley Elementary School

Megan Byrd

I am South Carolina Native.  I graduated from college in SC.  I have taught grades Pre-school through the 5th grade.  I have taught in SC, OK, TX, and now KS.  I look forward to having a great and challenging year!  

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We have a lot of events to still take place this school year!  Keep checking back for the dates!
~Book Fair going on April 2-April 6
~ 5th Grade Music Program Dance, Dance, Revolution!  April 5th . This is one of my favorite programs!  
~Band and Choir Concert
~Field Day
~ 6th Grade verses Staff Kickball Game

Field Trip

We are going to Steamboat Arabia on May 2. This is one of my favorite places to visit.   Permission Slips and Parent Volunteer Chaperones forms will be going out soon.  


As our weather starts to warm up, please make sure that your student is bringing a coat in the mornings for the cool weather.  Recess is at 9:40 and it is usually still cold.  They need a coat in order to go outside.  If might be a good idea to get your child to layer.  Thank you.

NO SCHOOL/Early Release Dates

 No School March 30, 2018.
Early Release on Days:
April 6
April 13
April 20
April 27
No School on May 4

State Assessments

We just completed our ELA assessments (state testing).  We will continue working hard on Math and will take our Math Assessments on April 9-10.  

Homework information

 Homework for Mrs. Byrd
15 minutes of Reading (reading log signed nightly)
Spelling (sentences, abc order, symbol spelling, etc.)
Math (only a few problems a day.)


 I am sorry to let you know...but we have a nut allergy so all snacks need to nut free.  I found out after Meet the Teacher.  I am sorry!

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

 Just wanted to say thank you to all my students and parents for coming out tonight.  It is going to be a great year!