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Past Projects

Students in Bradley Elementary Robotics Club have completed the following projects:


CS Fundamentals Express

Straw and Pins Bridges


Newspaper Engineering Projects



Students used the platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks to create inventions using power.


Raspberry Pi

Students used the tiny computer to experiment with connections to other electronic devices.


LEGO Mindstorms

Students build their own LEGO Mindstorms and use the LEGO education program.



Students work in the MinecraftEDU world to construct buildings, collaborate on projects, and explore their world.


Computer Science


Students will use programming to improve their overall computer science knowledge through various programs of


Nao Robot

Using the Nao Robot, students will create a program for TEAMS Labs in the district to use the Nao Robot to introduce topics.  Additionally, students will also create a program for the Nao Robot to read a children’s book with movement and sounds.


Robotix Construction

Students are building their own robots using the Robotix Education Kits provided from TEAMS Lab.  The goal is to design the best vehicle for speed, distance, load pull, and ability to climb a ramp.


Lego Robotics

Students build their own lego robotics and use Scratch to program functions.  Students will design robotics to perform specific tasks.


Website Design

Students are designing their own websites based on a topic of interest.  Students may work independently or collaborate with another student.  The goal is to have an operational website by the end of the project.


Game Design

Students are designing their own games based on their experiences with Scratch.  The goal for students is to have a functional, exciting game by the end of the project for all members of the Robotics Club to enjoy.



Students are collaborating in small groups to make an iMovie using iPads.  The students will focus on the editing process to create the most visually appealing and entertaining short films for elementary students.


Rube Goldberg Machines

Students are designing a device, invention, or apparatus that is overdone to perform a simple task.  This project focuses on the engineering and ingenuity to take everyday objects and transform them to perform a simple task.  Students will work in small groups to design, create, and test their own 10-step Rube Goldberg machine.


Caine’s Arcade

Inspired by Caine’s Arcade, a cardboard arcade designed and built by Caine Monroy in Los Angeles, California, students are engineering their own cardboard games.  This project focuses on the engineering, research, creativity needed to produce an arcade game.  Students will work in small groups to design, create, and test their own cardboard game.